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Immune Globulin Therapy

Immune Globulin Therapy is the infusion of immunoglobulin into a vein (IVIG) or the subcutaneous tissue (Subcut IG). This type of therapy is for people who have deficient or dysfunctional immune systems or who have autoimmune diseases. Immunoglobulins are collected from pooled human plasma and contain a wide variety of antibodies.

The immunoglobulins come from plasma that has been vigorously screened, tested and found to be safe and free of any infection or virus. IVIG and Subcut IG therapy strengthens the immune system by replacing the deficient immunoglobulins and provides temporary protection from potentially harmful viruses and bacteria. With autoimmune disease, IVIG therapy has the potential to reduce or eliminate the need for treatment with other drugs that have serious effects. IVIG is a treatment for autoimmune disease that does not suppress the immune system.

Your Nation’s Infusion at Home nurse, pharmacist and dietitian will provide all instructions necessary regarding infusion techniques and procedures to maximize independence and minimize interference in your normal daily activities. Goals of Nation’s Infusion at Home Immune Globulin Therapy Program:

  • An experienced home infusion RN administers the therapy and remains with the patient throughout the entire infusion to provide in-depth patient assessment and monitoring.
  • Primary nursing model; the same RN for each infusion.
  • First home dose protocol for safe and effective administration.
  • Subcutaneous and intravenous protocols
  • Adult and pediatric protocols